After 25 years of ministry, I  have found a handful of books and bibles to be essential reading for those who want to follow Christ into a more God-honoring life of trust. This list is by no means exhaustive, and I will add to it from time to time. Of course, I am always open to suggestions, so I hope you will send me your ideas of books that have been meaningful to you!

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I am often asked which Bible to use and what Bible app I use on my iPhone and iPad. I use  two of each and use them each nearly every day. Here are my recommendations:



New Living Translation
If you are fairly new to the Bible, if you struggle to understand it, or are just looking for ease of reading, I recommend the NLT. There are a ton of styles available. The NLT Study Bible is my favorite.




English Standard Version
If you are more familiar with the Bible, want a more accurate translation, or are studying, I recommend the ESV. Again, lots to choose from. Go with the ESV Study Bible. Probably the best study bible ever produced!



For just reading, I recommend the YouVersion app. It’s completely free and very simple to use. It will also read the Bible to you, which is great while walking or running.

OliveTree002Olive Tree
If you want more power and capacity for study, I recommend and use the Olive Tree Bible Study app. Note that with this one, additional bibles will cost you.

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