iTunes-playlist-purple Unless you simply hate music, chances are, there is a playlist for your life. You know, songs that were popular during certain foundational times of your life. Or the ones that you heard on your first date, during a break-up, that you rocked out to with your closest friends. Music, especially those certain songs, have a way of staying with us for the whole of our lives. I have a playlist in my iTunes of those songs. I listen to them when I’m feeling nostalgic, when I want to think back on times past.

For the season of Lent this year at Threshold, we have created a playlist for Jesus, for his Passion (here, Passion comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “to suffer.” The Passion of Jesus refers to the final week of his life, especially the final 24 hours.) We’ve chosen current popular songs that take us back to some of the more pertinent moments of these final 24 hours: his conflict with Judas, his denial by Peter, his trial before Pilate, his death on the cross. Combined each Sunday with the writings of ancient church fathers, we will have a weekly Lenten “ancient future” worship experience. (In addition, the songs from the Playlist series will soon be available on YouTube – we’ll let you know).

The season of Lent has been part of the church year for centuries. Each year throughout the ages, Christians have used this 40-day season to walk through the grief of Jesus’ last days and hours, including his crucifixion and death. This tradition reminds us of the purpose of his Passion – to redeem us from our sins and make us right with God. Beginning today with Ash Wednesday, I invite you to pay special attention to this season. Focus on the passages we read and the songs we sing on Sundays with an additional intensity. Download or purchase a book of daily lenten devotions (Click HERE for the one I am using).  SIGN UP for a free one from Bible Gateway. Or google “lenten devotional” and choose one that is right for you.

I can’t encourage you enough to dedicate yourself to this 40-day season. It falls in line perfectly with some of what we discussed during our last series, “The Good Life.” Remember, there would be no Easter without the cross. Make Easter 2014 extra special by first traveling with Jesus to his cross.

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