Rhythm OR Blues?

RythmNBluesDuring worship on Sundays at Threshold Church, we are focusing on “The Good Life.” In John 10:10, Jesus promised that he came to give us life in abundance. The Greek term for “abundant” means “superabundant in quantity, superior in quality; excessive, exceedingly, very highly, beyond measure…”

In other words, Jesus came not only to die for our sins and provide us with eternal life, he came also to give us a really good life in this world, too.

Too bad most of us are missing out on it.

In our series, we’re looking at the things Jesus did. After all, if he came to give us the good life, it stands to reason that he lived the good life.

We noted Sunday that Jesus had a RHYTHM. His life was one of Solitude (time with God) + Community (time with close friends) + Service (time caring for others). In that order.

Without a godly rhythm to our everyday lives, we are setting ourselves up for the blues.

If you are following along with this series and would like to try one of the ancient rhythmic practices, here are links to two I recommend. I pray that God will bless you as you set time aside for Him in the rhythm of your everyday life.




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