Best Bible Chapter Ever?

Yesterday at Threshold, we concluded an 8-week series on the first 8 chapters of Romans. After showing a clip from Les Miserables, I did not preach, but simply read the text aloud in 7 sections. It was amazing. I don’t know that any sermon or talk I have ever given has had the impact that the simple reading of this magnificent chapter had. It just may be the best chapter in the whole Bible. Here’s how I broke it down.

1. No Condemnation (8:1-4)
2. No Domination (8:5-11)
3. No Obligation (8:12-14)
4. No Trepidation (8:15-25)
5. No Isolation (8:26-30)
6. No Accusation (8:31-34)
7. No Separation (8:35-39)

Click HERE to listen

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