Cell Discussion Questions for Romans 3:21-31

Now that the case has been firmly and convincingly made against us, what are we to do? Is there any way the Accused can be acquitted? That’s what we learn in Romans 3:21-31.


  1. Based on verses 21-22, what is proclaimed in the Old Testament (cf. Eph. 3.4-5, 1 Pet. 1.10-12)?
  2. Verse 22 emphasizes the importance of personal faith in Jesus. Describe your journey of personal faith in Jesus.
  3. In verses 23-24, we are told that everyone has sinned against God, but all who believe in Jesus are justified. How would you describe the terms, “sin” and “justified,” to someone who is not a follower of Jesus?
  4. Verse 24 states that all who believe in Jesus are justified “freely by His grace.” Describe a recent experience where you experienced the grace of God. What did you experience about God’s grace that most surprised you?
  5. In verse 24, Paul writes of the “redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” What is a story of redemption that you have recently heard/seen/read? What aspect of that redemption story helps you better understand redemption in Christ?
  6. Verses 25-26 teach God’s forbearance towards sin in the ages prior to the Cross. If you are familiar with the Old Testament, what are some stories of the Old Testament that show the grace of God towards people? Where have you seen God’s patient grace in your personal history?
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