Cell Discussion Questions for Romans 1

On Sundays in October and November, in a series called “The Accused,” we are considering Romans 1-8 at Threshold Church. As always, you can listen to the talk by clicking the Threshold Church icon on the right side of this page and scrolling to the bottom of the church homepage. On October 6, we took a look at Romans 1. The following questions are intended as conversation started as you meet with people in Cells or small groups this week. If any of these questions leave you stumped or create a disagreement that needs some resolution, please feel free to contact me.

Romans 1

1. In Romans 1:14, Paul says he is obligated to every type of people. Why do you think he feels this way? To what extent do you feel an obligation to other people?To whom and for what purpose?

2. Most scholars consider 1:16-17 the core of Romans. How good is your understanding of these two verses? What questions do you have?

3. In Romans 1:18-32, what is Paul’s overall view of humanity? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

4. It is a common – and valid – belief that God is Love. How does this compare to verse 18? How are we to understand this dichotomy?

5. If verses 18-32 are true of all people, that would include each of us. How have you suppressed the truth about God (v.18) or traded the truth about God for a lie (v.25)?

6. How has God’s abandoning of you (allowing you to do as you please – vs. 24, 26, 28) played itself out in your life? If you are honest, do you see anything in your life reflected in verses 28-31?

7. With all of the above in mind, how do you feel now, when you read and consider Romans 1:16-17?

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