The Ultimate Dad

Last Sunday on Father’s Day, my talk focused on the familiar story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15. This isn’t only the story of one foolish runaway kid, it is the story of all humanity. Like the younger son in his relationship with his father, we have also…

1. Wanted the Father dead (v.12)
2. Wasted the Father’s resources (v.13)
3. Wrecked the Father’s reputation (v.15)
4. Wallowed in our own despair (v.16)

Fortunately, like the dad in the story, our heavenly Father welcomes us home, with love and compassion, demonstrated with:

1. An embrace and a kiss – no amount of sinful nastiness keeps our loving Father from loving on us.

2. The best robe – the Father’s own, which when wrapped around us, covers our sinfulness with His righteousness.

3. A ring – the symbol of family membership.

4. Shoes – worn not by hired servants, but by the children of the family.

5.  A feast – unashamed public acknowledgement by the Father that we are His.

When you and I repent of our foolish and sinful ways and return to the Father, we are forgiven. But understand that this forgiveness is not merely tolerance. God doesn’t say, “Yeah, okay, I forgive you. Now get lost.” God’s forgiveness envelopes us and celebrates us! It’s as if we had never been apart!

To hear the talk about this story, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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