National Day of Prayer… and Reason?

Image I was surprised the other night when I heard on the news that Charlotte’s mayor has declared today – the National Day of Prayer – also to be a Day of Reason. This actually was declared last year at the prompting of a local atheist. The atheist – when interviewed about this – said in essence, that he, they, people without faith, felt left out. Why shouldn’t they be included?

My initial reaction was negative. I thought, “Really? There are 365 days in a year! And you want the Day of Prayer?!”

But then I gave it a little thought…

And I came to a few conclusions.

1. Christians should welcome Reason. As it is said, “all truth is God’s truth.” And we as Christ-followers should embrace truth always. After all, Jesus said that it would set us free.

2. Science – or Reason – is not at odds with the truth about God, especially when considering the creation of life. In fact, as I plan to show Sunday, if the Bible is correct about God being the Creator of life, then Science will only increase and boost our faith. And it does.

3. At some point, even “Reason” must lean on Faith. Those who disavow a God of any sort are making a statement of faith, no matter any banter to the contrary. An atheist or agnostic can only do what I as a Christian can do when it comes to this kind of thing: consider the evidence and cast their lot. I have done a lot of evidence searching over the years, and I have yet to be convinced by Science, Logic, or Reason that God does not exist. Rather, these things all continue to point directly to Him.

Today, on this National Day of Prayer, I thank God for many things, one of which is a mind – an incredible gift from Him, and evidence of God’s existence in its own right. I also ask God to draw all people to Himself and to his son, Jesus. May all people – by Reason and Faith – come to know him as Lord.

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