Memory Lane

Jacob set up a stone pillar to mark the place where God had spoken to him…   Gen. 35.14

For Valentine’s Day, Michelle and I took a trip down memory lane. We headed back to Chapel Hill for a basketball game Tuesday night. And while our seats were real nice, and the win was nicer, the game wasn’t the highlight of the trip.

Just being there was. On campus. Walking the same old sidewalks, past the same stone walls we walked past back in 1982. Back when we were falling in love.

Of special note for me is the building behind us in the picture. Cobb dormitory. Probably named for Jack Cobb, basketball player of the year in 1926. But who cares (did I really just say that?!). It’s a sacred place. Holy ground. If they were ever to tear Cobb down, I would grieve for days on end. That place marks a very special moment in time.

Cobb dormitory is the place, in the spring of 1982, when I first said “I love you” to my girlfriend who is now my wife of 25 years. Room 307. Third floor. Second window from the left.

Nice to have a camera phone to capture a shot of the place. So I can always remember. I took that shot yesterday afternoon. And thanked God.

Too bad Jacob didn’t have a camera phone.

After leaving his uncle Laban to return to the promised land, in Genesis 35, God met him along the way and spoke to him. He reminded Jacob of the promise he had made to his father and grandfather. Jacob didn’t want to forget, so he set up a big rock. Each time he returned, he could see it. Each time he needed a strong reminder of God’s presence and promise, he could take a trip down memory lane. And thank God.

What about you? When special memories are mentioned, especially spiritually-significant ones, what comes to mind? Your conversion? Your decision to give yourself more fully to the Lord? Your first mission trip?

How do you remember? Because it’s good to.

Maybe there are no rocks and no photos, only the memories. Doesn’t’ matter. You should go there. Today.


And thank God.

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1 Response to Memory Lane

  1. van says:

    want to share this at 6 great dates on Sunday? It is great to go down memory lane and that is what all of us did on our dates this past sunday.

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