Six Great Dates

As we read through the stories of the patriarchs in Genesis each week at Threshold, we can see that ancient families and modern families are really quite the same. There is greed, distrust, fear, and lack of faith. And yet in the middle of all that stuff, God is always present, being God and exercising his will.

One of the things I’ve really noted in the stories of these four generations, though, is the marriages. They aren’t perfect. There’s anger, frustration, playing favorites, and disagreement. But there’s never divorce. Abraham and Sarah go through some really rough patches, but they never hang it up. Isaac and Rebekah are nuts about one another, even when he favors one kid and she favors the other.

I so often wish, hope and pray that our modern marriages would be as strong and committed. It’s hard these days, for more reasons than I can count. But there’s also always hope.

If you are married, I hope that you will set aside six evenings, beginning February 13, to join us for SIX GREAT DATES, co-sponsored by Threshold Church and the Siskey YMCA in Matthews, NC. Details about the evenings and how to register can be found HERE.

I hope to see you there.


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