Modern Family

Some say that every family is dysfunctional. It seems that the writers and producers of the smash series Modern Family are out to prove it.

Too late. That was done a long time ago.

Chapters 12-50 of the Genesis, the first book of the Bible, portray what was then a modern family. But not just any family. This was THE family. The family chosen by God as his very own. A family who would be a blessing to the world. A family set apart.

And a bunch of screwballs.

The Sunday series at Threshold for January and February, called A Modern Family, will focus on these four generations of family, commonly known as the Patriarchs. We’ll look into their dysfunctionality to see what we can learn, and to see how God used these people to accomplish his purposes despite their issues.

In addition, it has rightly been said that a good understanding of Genesis is crucial to a full understanding of the entire Bible. If you struggle to understand the Bible, Genesis is a great place to start.

I really want to invite you to read along for these two months. Here is the lineup of chapters that will be considered each of the next nine Sundays. Feel free to read ahead of or after each week’s talk.

January 2: Genesis 12-15
January 9: Genesis 16-19
January 16: Genesis 20-23
January 23: Genesis 24-27
January 30: Genesis 28-31

February 6: Genesis 32-33, 35
February 13: Genesis 37-41
February 20: Genesis 42-46
February 27: Genesis 47-50

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1 Response to Modern Family

  1. Lynn Wolfcale says:

    Thanks for posting the scriptures for this study. It will be helpful to me.

    Happy New Year

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