On My Knees

This past week has brought me to my knees. And that’s not a bad thing.

Sunday at threshold, we experienced a very special time of prayer, in which we were invited to visit five various prayer stations, focused on Praise, Confession, Thanks, Petition, and Communion. The communion station was exceptionally special for me, as I knelt with my wife and daughter and shared communion with them.

It was a holy moment to be with family, but also to be together to pray for my dad who had been placed in ICU over Thanksgiving and put on a ventilator. So I remain on my knees for him, that God would bring him back to health, at least enough to come off that machine and be with us again. I don’t like the thought that I may have spoken with him for the last time.

This week, tons of friends have let me know that they are on their knees for dad and our family – if not literally, certainly figuratively, as they post on my facebook wall: praying. or you are in our prayers. or our thoughts are with you.

I’ve been pastoring people for over 25 years. I’ve prayed for oodles and seen more than my share of people in the place my family is now. I’ve prayed and comforted and hoped. I’ve grieved and wept and buried.

But I’ve not been there.

Til now.

So to all of you who are praying for my dad, for our family, for me…

Thanks. It means so much.

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