Sunday, November 28 – Prayer Experience

Prayer is an amazing privilege. To think that the Creator of the entire universe not only allows us – but wants us – to communicate directly with him, it boggles the mind!


Yesterday during worship at Threshold, we prayed. We listened to scripture passages about prayers of Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Petition. We prayed and sang around those themes. And we has the opportunity to spend about 40 minutes praying on our own in unique prayer stations.

There was not a talk as normal. However, much of the audio from the day is included for those who want to try to grasp at least a part of the experience.


Praise – Psalm 148

Confession – 1 John 1.8-10

Thanksgiving – Luke 17.11-19

Petition – Luke 18.1-7

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1 Response to Sunday, November 28 – Prayer Experience

  1. Stephanie Torrez says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed the message this past Sunday. It was a great time for us to reflect and take the time to pray. I noticed that it was a very emotional time for many people. What a creative way to approach worship!

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