HolidaySERVE Weekend is Here!

Tuesday night: Dinner out with Michelle. Nice meal and a good bottle of wine with a couple friends. An excellent evening. Price: around 80 bucks.

Wednesday evening: Shopping at the Dollar Tree for ten needy children somewhere in the world that I will never meet. Time to enjoy being with my wife, to pray over these ten children, and to construct and pack 10 shoeboxes. Price: around 80 bucks (all the stuff we bought is there in the picture).

Not meaning to dis the food or the friends from Tuesday night, but I gotta tell ya, Wednesday night topped Tuesday by a mile. To think – and experience – that the cost of a nice meal can do so much for those who have so little is greatly humbling. And exhilarating!

We have so much and take so much for granted. We know that there are people in need around the world as well as a couple miles away. We know the LORD commands us to care for them – it’s at the very heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. And yet, we never feel we have the time… or the funds. The past two evenings have shown me, at least, that I have both.


This weekend, Threshold is serving bigtime! Here’s a quick rundown. You can also check it out more fully at THRESHOLD.

1. Operation Christmas Child. Bring your packed boxes to the info center Sunday morinng when you come to worship. Details for packing boxes HERE.

2. Common Heart. Help pack or deliver Thanksgiving meals for needy families in Union County, Saturday beginning at 8:00 am. More details HERE.

3. A Brush with Kindness. We are replacing windows and painting the exterior of a house just a mile from the Siskey YMCA. This Saturday beginning at 7:30 am, til the job is done. The homeowner was in a bad automobile accident about 18 months ago and has long term health issues as a result of the accident.  He lost his job and is currently on disability.  His home has not been well maintained and he has limited funds to do the repairs himself. The address is 4816 MORNINGWOOD DRIVE,MATTHEWS, NC. Contact info HERE.

4. Room in the Inn. We begin housing homeless men two Saturday nights a month (Dec – March) on December 18, but supplies are needed now. Bring stuff to the info center this Sunday. Click HERE for the list of stuff needed.

5. A Gift of Warmth. A ministry to the homeless uptown. Just $5 buys a blanket, hoodie and living essentials for a homeless friend. And receive a card to send to someone letting them know you gave in honor of them this Christmas. Details HERE.

Put the pedal down gang – this is the BIG WEEKEND! Can’t wait to see all that God will do through us as we respond obediently, humbly, generously, and exhilaratingly!!

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