hanging out with dad

my son jake was home last weekend for fall break. it’s the first time i’d seen him since the second week of august. he’s a junior at UNC-wilmington, and is working while going to school, so unfortunately, time together is getting fewer and farther between.

hanging out with my kids is one of my very favorite things to do. and last weekend was the best. jake and i went out and ate pasta. we watched a movie. we hung out in the evenings around the firepit. he cooked a great dinner for michelle and me his last night here. and i even got to take him out and buy him a beer since he’s now 21.

but of all the great moments of those four days together, the sweetest came just before he headed back to wilmington. sitting at our kitchen table, all melancholy, my boy looked up at me and said, “i don’t want to go back.”

now you have to understand, this boy LOVES the beach! i mean LOVES it. you think you love the beach? you got nothing on jake. he loves living at the coast. he likes school. he likes his roommates, his friends, even his job. he’s not unhappy. which is why it was so special to hear him say it: “i don’t want to go back.”

i didn’t ask him to interpret. or elaborate. but i don’t think i’m putting words in his mouth when i say that part of what i think he meant was, he enjoyed hanging out with me too.

you know, your heavenly Father loves you more than you will ever know! and he loves it when you hang out with him. it might be in worship on sunday. it might be in prayer or bible reading. or it might be on a walk, in a kayak, or with a cup of coffee. doesn’t matter. he loves it.

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are! (1 john 3.1)

but you know what i think gives him as much joy? to know that you love hanging out with him! that when your set-aside time with him is over, you’ve finished your devotions, or your walk, or your prayer, that you don’t want to go. that you enjoyed hanging out with Him too.

that you wish you could stay.

i think that really thrills the Father’s heart.

i know it did mine.

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1 Response to hanging out with dad

  1. Jake Gardner says:

    Very true dad. I loved hanging out with you and the rest of our family. I’m glad I got to read this before my day started, it made me happy. I hope I can get back home soon. I love you.

    – your son

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