i belong to a cigar club. it’s a good outlet for me, a great and safe place to hang out on the nights when michelle is working. i enjoy the sports, and the friends i’ve made there. and i’ve learned a ton about cigars. the amount of knowledge from some of these guys about something so simple as cigars is staggering (of course, some of them think they know a ton about a lot of other things too, but that’s another story…).

but it ought to be that way, right? as much time and money as these guys are spending in a cigar club, they ought to know their stuff, eh?

so why is it that a recent survey reports that the most knowledgeable people about religion are… atheists!? yep, that’s right, atheists. not catholics, or protestants, or jews or mormons. atheists. and worse, most protestant christians (that’s you guys, threshold) only averaged a 50 on the quiz.

you can read the article HERE.

i don’t know what was on the quiz. it seems that it was questions about a variety of religions. if so, i guess a lower score is not so bad. but if it was questions about the bible, that’s something else entirely.

so i’m wondering – though i haven’t seen the quiz – what would you get? if you took a basic quiz about the bible and the basic essentials of the christian faith, how would you do?

could you name the first person called by God to lead a nation? or his son or grandsons?
do you know what God gave to Moses on Sinai, or the name of the greatest king of Israel and the book of the bible he wrote a bunch of?
can you name three old testament prophets or the four gospels?
where in the bible can you find the word ‘trinity,’? why do we believe in it?
how are you saved?
why is Jesus the only way to get to God?
is he really the messiah?
is he really God?
how do you know???

shouldn’t we who spend a significant amount of time and money in church know our stuff? if guys can know as much as they do about something so fleeting as a roll of tobacco, ought we not know a ton about things that have eternal significance for us and others?

that’s why i plan to spend so much time this next year on the mind. the mind is the place where we gather information and process decisions. if we are godly people, following Christ and growing in holiness, what we know matters.

a lot.

remember romans 12.2…

do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

so, whaddayaknow?

and perhaps more importantly, are you willing to learn?

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