The Emotional Groom

When I marry a couple, I spend about 10 hours with them, including pre-marital training, rehearsal, wedding and reception. But the best moment of those ten hours is always the same – the moment the groom sees his bride. Since he is always standing beside me, I get a close-up view of his face and the emotions they contain. It’s a magical moment. There’s just nothing like seeing the adoring love of a man witnessing the beauty of his bride.

It’s no wonder the scriptures use the very same language to describe the love of God for us.

Your new name will be “The City of God’s Delight”

and “The Bride of God,”

for the Lord delights in you

and will claim you as his bride.

Your children will commit themselves to you, O Jerusalem,

just as a young man commits himself to his bride.

Then God will rejoice over you

as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.   (Isaiah 62.4-5)

How often do you forget that this is how God feels about you? If you’re like me, probably way too often.

So be reminded again. He does. He loves you. He rejoices over you! Like a doting groom loves his bride.

John Piper says about this passage…

God’s omnipotent exuberance to do us good is one of the most freeing discoveries a human can make. Oh, that we might believe it and savor it and bring it to mind again and again until it is our very nature to feel the truth that the godly are designed for unknown and inconceivable happiness. Unremitting confidence in this truth would surely transform our attitudes and keep us steady in the face of great adversity. (Piper: Taste and See)

The overall message of the Bible – from cover to cover – is the committed, rejoicing, doting love of God for his people, apart from anything we could ever do to earn or deserve it.

God loves you with an amazing and uncontainable love.

Somehow, I think you might just need to remember that today.

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