Talk Notes – April 25

don’t worry. or put another way, don’t be anxious.

words we know how to hear, know how to say, and struggle to do.

words of Jesus.

luke’s talk yesterday focused on these words, found in matthew 6.19-34.


from yesterday’s talk…

jesus says “dont be anxious about life.” 3 reasons anxiety is foolish and 1 result:

1. anxiety is foolish because God is, and always will be, God (verses 25-27) – Jesus tells us the first reason that anxiety is foolish is because of who God is, was, and always will be.  the birds dont plant or harvest, or store things in barns. that does not mean that they dont look for food, because they do.  it DOES mean that they trust God to always provide the food they need.  i will also focus on two attributes of God: his eternality and his unchangability.  in other words, God has always been God and that wont change, and God has always promised to give his children what they need to accomplish the tasks he has given them.  if that is true, then God will always provide our needs…like he does for the birds.  jesus also points out the futility of our worry in verse 27 when he says that because we are NOT God, all of our worry cant change anything.

2. anxiety is foolish because God is good (verses 28-30b) – not only is God, God, and therefore powerful enough to provide our needs; he is also good and wants to provide for our needs.  God provides for the flowers…they dont try to look good, they just do!  again, that does not mean that they dont do the hard work of growing, because they do.  in the meantime, though, God gives them what they need and makes them beautiful.  which allows us to focus on “clothing” (our needs) on two levels: necessity and blessing.  God provides the very things we need, when we need them.  he does it for plants, so will he not also for us.  but Jesus includes solomon in the discussion because he wants to point out that he blesses his children too.  in other words he gives us blessings over and above our needs…maybe in this life, definitely in the next.

3. anxiety reveals the foolishness of idolatry (verse 30c-33) – Jesus says that if we dont believe that, then we lack faith in one of the two above points.  either we dont believe God is powerful enough to meet our needs, or that he does not want to meet our needs (is not good enough).  either one is a false god and therefore idolatry.  God already knows our needs, so we need to trust and rest in his provision.  it is active rest.

therefore, live fully for today in God’s grace (verse 34) – Jesus says, in essence, that tomorrow’s grace will be given tomorrow, so dont worry about it today.  plan as needed, but then rest in Jesus’ promise that he will give us the grace we need tomorrow, tomorrow, and the grace we need today, today.  therefore live fully for him TODAY and dont let tomorrow’s worries rob you of today’s joy.

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