Talk Notes – March 14

emergency! the sweet daughter of the village pastor is dying! someone send to Jesus for help!  read the story in mark 5.

so Jairus goes. Jairus, the pastor himself, leader of the local synagogue. maybe the same synagogue, in fact, where Jesus had been criticized just a few weeks before, for – and get this – healing someone. talk about irony

Jairus swallows his pride and sets out to find Jesus, along with half the village behind him. Jesus agrees to help,and they move quickly toward the village. before it’s too late.

but suddenly, along the way, Jesus stops. he claims someone has touched him. well duh! you’re surrounded by people, Jesus. of course someone touched you.

but Jesus was indignant. he wasn’t taking another step until he knew who…


a woman hiding in the crowd has snuck in to touch the robe of Jesus, hoping to be healed. she was a desperate woman, broken physically, financially, and spiritually.

Jesus took time with her. on his way to bring life and healing into the life of the most important family in town, he first took time with this nobody. before healing the daughter of the leader, he healed a forgotten woman – and called her daughter!

Jesus has time for you.

and he has healing power that you need.

take your brokenness to him.


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2 Responses to Talk Notes – March 14

  1. lex rogers says:

    awesome message! thanks so much!

  2. Howard Nifong says:

    Thanks jeff, It was even better for my soul right now
    to hear this talk again !! Thanks Brother

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