Talk Notes – February 14

yesterday’s encounter was with peter. peter being peter. wanting Jesus’ approval and seeking it out. maybe he had a reason for his question, maybe he was just asking…

Jesus, what’s the ultimate number of times to forgive someone, seven? (expecting a nice big smile and a pat on the back)

seven? (guys, hear this like, “playoffs??”)

seven? seven!!??

no dude, seventy times seven! which in biblical numerology means, “never stop forgiving someone because God never stops forgiving you!”

and then he told a story.

it’s a really good story.


do you understand the extent to which you have been forgiven by God of your sins?

do you offer that same forgiveness to others?

other passages to read:

colossians 3.12-13

ephesians 4.31-32

matthew 6.12, 14-15

matthew 18.15-17

recommended reading for those struggling with forgiveness

Unpacking Forgiveness, by Chris Braun

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