Talk Notes – February 7, 2010

there’s nothing like a great diner. great food. vintage atmosphere. and people. all kinds of people. from rich to poor, native to transplant, they’re all there. it’s a place where encounters happen.

and encounters matter.

this new series is called VINTAGE JESUS: ENCOUNTERS

for 8 weeks, we’ll consider stories in the gospels. stories in which someone encountered Jesus, and a life was changed.

because you know, that’s what happens when one encounters Jesus…

yesterdays’ encounter was with a paralyzed man.  READ IT


several things occur in this encounter, and actually numerous people are involved. but in the life of this paralyzed man, two primary things occur. first, he is brought face-to-face with Jesus. four of his friends – for reasons not shared in the story – were determined to bring this encounter about for the sake of their friend. by doing so, they enabled this man to receive two blessings from the Lord: the forgiveness of his sins, and the use of his limbs (you songwriters can have fun with that one!)

the other thing that happens is this: he picked up his mat and walked out.

i wonder where he went. Jesus told him to go home. somehow i doubt be obeyed.

think about it. you just had the lord of life, the king of the universe, the son of God tell you face-to-face that your sins are forgiven. and then, your lifeless limbs surge with energy and you do something you haven’t done in years. or maybe ever. you stand up and you walk.

so what do you do? go home and lay around?

or do you go out and find all the other paralyzed people you can, and bring them face-to-face with Jesus?

welcome to the Christian Life!

if you are in Christ, if you are a follower of Jesus, if you consider yourself saved… then once upon a time you were face-to-face with Jesus too. your sins were forgiven and you were healed. perhaps in a different way, but you were. now it’s your turn. how’s your walk? where are you going?

the talk yesterday ended with a call to commitment. a call to be a mat-bearer, to get up and walk, to go out and find. i’ll let you listen to that yourself on the audio.

if you missed yesterday and would like to offer yourself to God in your walk as we did yesterday during worship, email me and we’ll send you a copy of the card.

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2 Responses to Talk Notes – February 7, 2010

  1. The message from yesterday resonated with me and I was able to share a snippet of it this a.m. with my accountability partner.

  2. Ed Martinez says:

    Awesome teachings!

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