Talk Notes – January 24

last week i asserted that the ultimate correct answer to the question, “who do you want to be?” is this: i want to be who God created and called me to be!

when we adopt or create avatars – second lives or alter egos – we are essentially telling God we don’t like who we are or where we are in life, that God made a mistake.

but God didn’t make a mistake when made you, wired you, and placed you where he has. rather, god is intimately involved in the details of every iota of our lives.

did you know that you are so different from everyone else on earth that you have 300 million pieces of information in your DNA that is unlike anyone else? and God did this purposely?

but why?

romans 12 explains…


1. no one can worship God like you, verses 1-2

2. no one can serve the local body of Christ (your church) like you, verses 3-8

3. no one can love your world like you, verses 9-21

i hope this talk encourages you to celebrate your individuality, to draw closer to God, to thank him for who you are, and to reach out in love and service to all who are just waiting to experience God through you!

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