2009 THD giving in review

the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve… (mark 10.45)

and now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord,

you must continue to follow him.  (col. 2.6)

today’s blog post is primarily for those of you who call Threshold your church home. it’s a thank-you for your financial faithfulness. 2009 was the toughest financial year i have ever seen in ministry, and i’ve been doing this since 1987. job losses, foreclosures, and fear led to many sleepless nights and loads of uncertainty. and yet, your generosity continued…

throughout 2009, God was faithful. he made sure we not only had enough money to do ministry in and around our body, but he also blessed us with a bunch of opportunities to touch the lives of others – something we really get off on!

below is a list of numbers. numbers of people who were touched by your generosity in 2009. lists are a bit impersonal, but this list does represent people. a lot of people. real people. take a moment to thoughtfully and thankfully read through this list, and give thanks to God for allowing us to join with him in reaching others.

THDserve: international

58 orphans in costa rica received christmas gifts

125 heard about Jesus at our costa rican bible school (not the same children as the 58 orphans)

75 costa rican teens received discipleship training last summer

(36 people from THD went to costa rica in 09)

35 of us served at the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) processing center

501 children around the world will receive an OCC shoebox

missionaries in france and ethiopia received financial support (note: while our staff all took salary reductions in 2009, we did not reduce our missionary support by a single dollar)

25 european missionaries received training and care

THDserve: domestic

kentucky: bell county, kentucky ranks as the 20th poorest county in america.  5 family homes received home makeovers through our THDserve: appalachia project. 38 people from THD participated.

myrtle beach: 30 people from THD, mostly youth, served in myrtle beach:

1. wacammaw boys home: provided dinner and social interaction

2. adult day care (adults with dimentia or physical/mental challenges): singing and social interaction

3. 50 homeless people fed via a community kitchen

4. streetreach: cleaned, folded and sorted clothes and other items

THDserve: matthews

5 single moms received meals each week through our partnership with Christ our Shepherd (COS)

a dozen kids received back-to-school supplies via COS

1648 pounds of food was collected from local matthews neighborhoods during our spring food drive

2300 additional pounds of food was gather by various families

THDserve: uptown – 475 homeless people were fed on wednesday nights uptown throughout 2009. 40 different people from THD have helped serve

THDserve: union county (partnership with the Common Heart ministry)

80 turkeys were purchased, and delivered by 15 THD people

6 from THD served at a “block party” thrown for 400 people in need

5 helped with a mid-winter health fair that 200 people attended

15 THD people picked up 20,000 pounds of food from local grocery stores throughout the year, to be given away

50 THD people from 17 families helped distribute groceries throughout the year

50 families received bags of groceries

families received washers, dryers, beds, refrigerators from THD people via Common Heart

a wheelchair ramp was built

$17,000 – amount distributed to pay for rent, utilities, counseling, car payments, dental work, food for the Common Cupboard, home repair, mortgage payments and medical expenses through our “building fund”

the list above is both exhilarating and humbling. how amazing that the God of the universe would allow us the privilege of touching others on his behalf. and yet, that is what Christ came to do, and he invites us to join him. i only wish i knew how many people within the body of Threshold had also had their lives touched and changed by our interaction with one another. i hope and pray it is many!

one other note: the money you give also pays salaries and benefits for our staff and families. van, jonette, richard, shane, dan and i are all well aware of our dependence on your generosity and faithful giving. we don’t take that for granted. thanks for caring enough about what God is doing at Threshold to make sure our leaders are provided for. thanks from all of us.

2010 promises to be another year full of opportunities to give and serve. if you have yet to join in, this is your year. trust me, giving and serving blesses like nothing else you will ever do. God made us that way.

to join in the serving efforts of Threshold, visit the SERVE page on our website for contact info.

it’s an honor to lead and serve you!


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3 Responses to 2009 THD giving in review

  1. lex rogers says:

    it is amazing to see the Lord use Threshold all over our city,state, nation and the world! it makes me proud to be a member of such a great group of believers!

  2. Keith Adams says:

    Jeff, I just want you, and my family at THD, to know how blessed we are to be a part of such a local congregation. It amazes me how generous, caring, and engaged THD is in reaching out to folks. It is humbling to me to be a part of such a group of followers of Jesus. When Deb and I and the boys joined THD three years ago, I told Deb, “If these guys are even trying to fullfill their vision, then we found our new home.” You are more than just trying, you are doing it!

    In my role as executive director of Common Heart, I can say that THD rocks!! Your help has made ALL that we do possible. I am so very appreciative of the partnership we have with THD in serving folks in need. When you see it all in black and white it is astounding. To put it in a larger context through THD’s support Common Cupboard ans been able to provide groceries to nearly 1000 people a month. Your financial and volunteer support undergirds this practical demonstration of God’s love throughout our community. Your suport has helped us expand and create Common Things, a houshold goods resource. And now we are launching a way to connect caring followers of Jesus with people who need help with everything from lawn work to house renovation projects. Without your support, this mission to activate and equip Christians to serve, would have NEVER developed to where we are today. Your support and encouragement has been vital.

    Thank you so much for your support of Common Heart. And words can not express how grateful I am to have a home at THD! Thank you!

  3. Dawn says:

    Can I just say Wow!

    Keith, Jeff & Threshold staff, Thank you so much for all you do. It is definitely an honor to be a part of Threshold and Threshold Serve!!!

    Words can not express what a blessing it was for my daughter, son-in-law, and 2 small kids to get a washer and dryer through Common Heart.

    I encourage and challenge everyone to get more involved wih Threshold Serve..rewarding can not begin to describe the joy you are filled with by helping someone. Pay-it-forward and you will be amazed at how God works in your life.

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