Talk Notes – January 17

in the movie, AVATAR, the planet Pandora is the star of the show… or at least some people suggest.

it actually is a beautiful, mesmerizing and alluring place. it’s easy for one to feel drawn to it, and to get lost in it. in fact, many moviegoers have found themselves dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide after having seen it. which is so sad.

because it isn’t real.

we are all drawn by the lure of another world. it may not be pandora. it may be the desire for another man or woman who is not our spouse. it may be to the things money can buy. it may be to a position of power of status. because of our fallen and sinful state, we struggle to be content with what we have and with who we are. who God made us to be.

yesterday’s talk examined four primary characters from the film, and their struggles with wealth, power, love, and wholeness; their reasons for desiring another world.

and we noted that on pandora, humans can’t breathe the air, and the natives want to kill them.

your pandora can be just as dangerous.

our text was proverbs 9, which compares and contrasts wisdom (vs 1-6) and folly (vs 13-18).


for thought this week…

1. where is your pandora? your ‘perfect’ place? your world that lures you?

2. who knows about it? if you want to shake free from it’s draw, you’ll need to tell someone.

3. why aren’t you content with who you are? with what you have? with the life god has granted you?

4. who stands to get hurt if you continue to allow your pandora to draw you? what needs to change today?

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