Talk Notes – December 27

we concluded our christmas series precisely where it began – in the temple in jerusalem, roughly one year later (luke 2.25-38).

once again, there are two old people present, both of whom have been righteous and devout. and like zechariah and elizabeth from the first scene, these two have also been waiting many, many years to witness the power of God.

these two old saints are a great model for us, as we too – all of us – wait for God’s movement in or own lives.



1. he was eagerly waiting (v.25)

2. he was in tune with the Holy Spirit (v.25-27)

3. he recognized Jesus because he was prepared to (v.28)

4. he was fully satisfied in Christ (v.29)

5. he was well aware of the divisions that can be caused by our allegiance to Christ (v.34)


1. she never left the temple (v.37)

2. she worshiped, fasted and prayed day and night (v.37)

3. she was bold in witness about what she has seen God do.

as you venture into 2010, it’s my prayer that you would seek after the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. you’re longing for something, i know you are. and waiting is hard. but i promise you this – the more you know and trust God, the easier it is. and the very best way to develop this trust is what Threshold is all about: Worship. Cells. Service.

chase God every single day in your personal devotional time. read the bible. pray. and try fasting. don’t miss worshiping together with your church family. remember the rule: in town + healthy = sunday morning at Threshold.

meet with your cellmates regularly. study, pray and have fun together.

serve. on your own as well as with your friends from church. get out your 2010 calendars now and begin preparing to go on a mission trip in july or december.

to my Threshold flock, i want you to know that i have learned to trust and depend on God in painful waiting this year more than ever. if that’s where you are, i know how you feel. you are in my prayers.


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