Talk Notes – November 15

blue note 3

yesterday was week 3 in the Threshold Blues Cafe.

after spending 2 weeks emphasizing God’s sovereign activity in our lives – even in the bad stuff – to bring about his will and plan, we shifted gears and considered how to avoid the blues. are there things we can do to keep from getting the blues. the bible is clear on this: yes!


some have said that more than 25% of the teachings of Jesus deal with money and/or material possessions. in matthew 6.19-24, he warns us not to get too wrapped up on them, lest we get the blues.


in 1 timothy 6.6-11, 17-19, timothy gives much of the same advice to the people of the church where timothy is pastor.


here is a recap of the do’s and don’t of avoiding the blues: financial edition


1. store up material treasures – they don’t last (matt. 6.19; 1 tim. 6.7))

2. try to serve more than one God. pick one (matt. 6.24)

3. worry (matt 6.25, 31, 34)

4. covet (1 tim. 6.10)

5. crave money (1 tim. 6.10)


1. store up spiritual treasures (matt. 6.20; 1 tim. 6.19)

2. look around and see God’s care (matt. 6.26-30)

3. seek God’s kingdom (matt. 6.33)

4. be content with the essentials (1 tim. 6.6-8)

5. run away from financial temptation (1 tim. 6.11)

6. understand the purpose and power of money (1 tim. 6.17-19)

and remember…

you know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich.  (2 cor. 8.9)

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