vintage faith: do you get it?

home banner fall 09And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.

– colossians 2.6-7

i met a very nice, well-meaning, christian man last friday. he asked about my ministry and about threshold, and then THE question: so, how many people do you have?

(i so HATE that question! when will we stop assessing success based on size?)

anyway, i told him.

his response: wow! time for y’all to build a building!

my reply: don’t wanna. the cost of land, facilities, insurance, utilities and ongoing maintenance is money much better used to care for the real needs of others.

him: but you gotta have sunday school rooms and places for activities during the week!

me: we have over 20 small groups meeting in homes – just like the very first christians did.. and we don’t want activities during the week – that just fills people’s time and keeps them from being in the lives of other people who don’t know Jesus.

him: but you need those sunday school rooms and… (can you see where this is going?)

he didn’t get it. i am certain he is a godly man who has followed Jesus just as he has been taught. he has probably taught sunday school himself for at least a couple decades. heck, he might know the bible better than i do. but he doesn’t get it.

do you guys get it?

do you understand what we are all about at Threshold?

do you get this notion of VINTAGE FAITH?

God is calling Threshold to grow more into the church that Jesus had in mind. i and our staff, and our elders – we’re all convinced that God has more for us out there – more people to reach. more people to serve. more mission fields to visit.

but we’re not ready.

we are still too stuck in what we learned about church in the past.

many of you have said things like this to me:

“we just went to church on sunday, and we were good for another week.”

“i was never taught the bible, i was just taught to be good.”

“how can we be a church without a church building?”

“my parents never taught me to tithe.”

“i don’t know the bible like i should.”

we’re getting there, but we have a ways to go. that’s why i have asked you to join me in this year of VINTAGE FAITH in making commitments toward growth. that is what this year 2009-2010 is all about and that is why. it’s a year of growing deep, so that we can then grow broad, reaching out even more to those who need us.

i need you – every single doggone one of you – to set and meet your discipleship growth goals: head, heart, hands, feet, and tongue (see my previous post on Vintage Faith )

we need to grow, you guys! we need to grow – and quickly – in our knowledge of the Word. i hope you are digging into it individually and in your cells. we need to grow in our prayer life. our giving needs to grow – we are not meeting our budget right now. our SERVE participation needs to grow: there are several ways you can plug in there (again, see the previous post).

WORSHIP + CELLS + SERVICE :: our strategy for the personal transformation of each of us, more and more into the image of God’s son Jesus. as we continue to strive to be the church Jesus had in mind, every one of us must step up.

so… how are you doing? are you growing or are you being a weak link? what’s holding you back? what help might you need for a THD leader to get you moving forward? let us know.

this is not church as most of us once knew it. this is bigger. much bigger.

do you get it?

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