Talk Notes – November 1

blue note 3blue note.

a flatted fifth, according to musicians. doesn’t mean a lot to me to hear that spoken. but to hear it played, now that ‘s another matter. that note just doesn’t fit. doesn’t sound right. doesn’t feel right. that blue note isn’t a note to stay on. it’s transitional. a blue note is a note that begs for resolution.

yesterday we started a new series for the month called BLUE NOTE.

since the inception of Threshold, we have always believed that Christ-followers should be able to be real with one another. our church family shouldn’t be a group of people with whom we always have to smile. because life hurts. suffering happens. and we need each other in those times.

so this month, we’re gonna tackle the problem of suffering. where is God when it hurts, and what are we supposed to make of suffering from a biblical perspective?


listen now

our text yesterday was romans 8.17-28.

five points of note…

1. suffering is real

2. suffering hurts

3. suffering includes christians

4. suffering will end one day

5. suffering is controlled by God for the good of his people

and four points for application…

1. wait with hope

2. trust

3. examine yourself

4. pray

upcoming talks in this series:

– origin of the blues

– language of the blues

– combatting the blues

– resolving the blues

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2 Responses to Talk Notes – November 1

  1. David Maisel says:

    Thank you for your sermon yesterday. Thank you for teaching the truth with clarity and encouragement.

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