man in the mirror


2us73iulast night i saw THIS IS IT, the new michael jackson movie. it was fascinating – completely created from footage of rehearsals of the stage show that never happened, due to michael’s death.

first off, i gotta tell ya – if you like even one of MJ’s songs or videos, go see this. several times i wondered if the person behind me thought i had something wrong with me – i moved throughout the movie. those songs represent my high school and college days, so they are great memories. if you were or are a fan, i think you’ll enjoy it.

as i watched i found myself thinking about the legacy the man on screen has left behind. and i found myself wondering about mine… would there be one?

paul wrote to timothy in 2 Timothy 2.1-2:

timothy, my dear son, be strong through the grace that God gives you in Christ Jesus. you have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.

seems to me that we are expected to leave a legacy.  if my thoughts and emotions while watching the movie last night provide any clues, i think there are some guidelines for leaving a legacy of my own…

1. be authentic. while many of us believe that michael jackson never really grew up or knew who he was, at least he was who he was. he continued to be the creative musician and performer so many of us fell in love with so many years ago. the movie revealed that that hasn’t changed. he was authentic. am i?

2. bring positive change. one of his best known songs is ‘man in the mirror’ i think it’s a favorite primarily for its message: change yourself for the better. in the movie, he also speaks of caring for the planet, using an amazing video to support the message of the song. it definitely emphasizes change. people who leave a legacy are people who nurture positive change in others.

3. nurture fulfillment and joy in others. i couldn’t watch the film last night without feeling joy. sheer joy. partly because the songs and videos transported me to a bygone day. partly because i was watching them with michelle, and we grew up listening and watching them together. but even more-so, i felt joy because i saw joy. i didn’t see a depressed, frail man on stage. i saw a man who was experiencing the joy and fulfillment of doing what he was created to do. and others received joy from his joy.

4. have fun. having fun before others lets them know of the inner joy we possess. it brings out so much good in others when we visibly have fun, especially fun in our life’s mission. of course, some of us might first need to discover what that is. but that’s for another day.

this is not intended to encourage you to see the film or to have any particular view of michael jackson. i love his music. i loved the film. but again, more than that, it made me wonder, “will i leave a legacy?”

for Jesus’ sake, i sure hope so.

i hope you do too.


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