Talk Notes – October 26

vintage Jesuswe wrapped up our 6-week VINTAGE JESUS series. over the past month and a half we have examined the claims of orthodox christianity over the years regarding Jesus. i hope this examination has been helpful. we concluded yesterday with a special day in which we realized that giving ourselves over to Jesus comes with tons of joys and promises. we highlighted five.


1. SUPREMACY.  Colossians 1.15-22

Since Jesus is God, when we are in Christ, we are in relationship with the one and only God of the universe. there may be claims to other gods, but they don’t really exist.

2. SUFFICIENCY.  Romans 3.23-26

Jesus Christ is sufficient for our eternal salvation. no works are required. following Jesus is about a relationship, not about religion.

3. SANCTIFICATION.  Romans 6.15-22

sanctification means to be made holy. while no good works are required to have a relationship with Christ, a relationship with Christ will be proven by your good works. that is, when you are in Christ, your life will change. you will be more loving, caring, giving, and forgiving. you will be more like him. test your relationship with Christ by the way you live your life.

4. SECURITY.  Romans 8.15-17, 31-39

if you are in Christ, you are going to heaven. period. that is secure and does not require constant worry or fear. it’s a done deal. if you are not sure today whether you are in Christ, simply follow these three simple steps:

A – Acknowledge. acknowledge that as a human, you are sinful, and your sinfulness drives you and God apart. a repair is needed.

B – Believe. believe in the good news that Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from death has overcome your sinfulness. He has paid the price your sinfulness demanded. He has repaired the brokenness in you as you put your faith in him.

C – Confess. confess (say aloud) that you have asked Christ into your life to forgive your sins forever and connect you to God. say it without shame or fear. share it with someone you love and trust, and celebrate it! congratulations and welcome to the family and the kingdom of God!

5. SECOND COMING.  1 Thesslonians 4.13-18

Jesus is coming back to this earth as champion over all creation. we don’t know when, where or exactly how, but that doesn’t matter. he made the promise and those in Christ trust that promise. it gives us strength to carry on when the troubles of life weigh us down. it gives us hope.

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