Talk Notes – October 11

vintage JesusYesterday’s talk was given by luke boythe, entitled ‘the resurrection of Jesus.’


main text:  1 cor 15:3-9, 12-20

big idea:  the resurrection matters for all of life, because without it paul says we need to eat as much as we want, get drunk, and have sex with how many ever people we want until we die.  but if Christ has been raised, it changes everything.

3 main areas of emphasis:

1.  evidence – there is overwhelming and compelling evidence to support the fact that Jesus rose.  the three main arguments against a real, bodily resurrection are the swoon theory, hallucination theory, or the disciples misplaced/stole the body.  each theory falls apart under scrutiny, and that leaves us with only evidence for the actual resurrection of Christ.

2.  experience – the changed lives of the disciples, paul, and threshold points towards the resurrection.  how else do you explain scared disciples changing the world, other than an experience with the risen Christ?  how else do you explain paul’s 180 degree turn around, from christian killer to Christ-preacher, other than an experience with the risen Christ?  how else do you explain how each of us has been set free from addiction, sin, and horrible tragedies to become new people in Christ?  nothing is sufficient to explain any of that other than an experience with the risen Christ.  most people wont need you to destroy false arguments in their lives.  instead they will need to see you live out, consistently, the truths that you proclaim.  and this is the most effective way to win people to christ, to live our the reality of the resurrection.

3.  ultimate – all of this matters because without miracles (the resurrection) we are left with an impersonal force that does not care about sin, and it is easier to live with an impersonal force than to live with a personal God who cares about sin and provided a way out of sin.  so to argue that miracles (the resurrection) do not happen is to make significant statements about who you say God is.

what’s the point?

1.  without the resurrection, we are still in sin.  with the resurrection, we are set free from slavery to sin.

2.  without the resurrection, there is not hope in this life or the next.  with the resurrection, we have the hope we need for this life, and the hope that though we die physically we will never die spiritually.

3.  without the resurrection, there is no way to make sense of the chaos.  with the resurrection, Christ has defeated sin, death, satan, and the chaos so that we may live with his peace.

for conversation or reflection:

1. do you believe in the resurrection? if not, what are your struggles?

2. if you do believe in the resurrection, can you defend its historicity to one who doubts it?

3. what hope does the resurrection bring into your real world right now?

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