Talk Notes – October 4

vintage Jesusthe question, “what was the main message of Jesus in his teachings?” brings a varied response. love. forgiveness. discipleship.

yes, each of these was taught by Jesus, but none were the main message. they are all byproducts of the main message, which is this: The Kingdom of God.

kingdom in the context of Jesus’ teachings means rule, realm, authority or sovereignty. Jesus’ message was that in him – in Jesus – God was coming to the world in his perfect timing to set the people of God free from their ultimate enemy.

if you missed yesterday’s talk at Threshold, you may want to grab a pen and paper to write down the bible references used while you listen.


as you reflect…

1. how do you experience the kingdom of God in your own life?

2. where do you need to repent and align yourself more to the kingly rule of God in your own life?

3. how can you, this week, bring the kingdom – the reign or realm of God – into someone else’s life?

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