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Converse_all-starsand now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness. – colossians 2.6-7

a huge thanks to all of you who attended our ‘season premiere’ vision dinner last saturday night!! i had a lot of fun and some awesome food, and i enjoyed setting the course for our next 12 months together. hope you did as well.

today’s post is an audio and written recap of the challenge before each of us for this next year as a church. if you missed the dinner, i encourage you to listen to what you missed.


our theme for 2009-2010 is VINTAGE FAITH. our goal is to become the church Jesus had in mind by us each becoming more transformed into his likeness.

as we continue to grow into the church Jesus had in mind (and has in mind), we commit ourselves to do so because there are still too many things that aren’t right – within Threshold and beyond us: struggling marriages, faithless families, finances in crisis, unsaved people, broken families, the poor, homeless and hungry. a church that continues to follow Christ WILL make a difference. at Threshold, here’s how we intend to do it, with each person setting his or her own goal.

HEADgoal: paul says in romans 12.2, “let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” this year, learn something new about God. memorize some key verses or passages from the bible. read the entire bible, or just the new testament. if you’ve never read even a single gospel before, do that. get to know Jesus. get to know the qualities of God, who he is and what he wishes for you. read some good books (i can always provide recommendations). beef up your theology. learn!

HEARTgoal: honestly examine your life and tune your heart more to the ways and desires of God. identify areas of sin in your life that absolutely need to go. ask others to help you identify and rid you of whatever it might be. Jesus expects each of us to grow, and growth means change. the change in you might be to do or to undo. examine your moral standards and behavior, your use of time, your giving to the church, your language, your example to your kids, your bad habits. get real. get changed. set one goal, and get there!

HANDSgoal: if you are a regular part of THD, chances are you utilize nearly everything we provide: chairs, screens, sound, communion, art, coffee, handouts, children’s ministry, youth ministry… the list goes on. since it is our long-term calling to stay at the Siskey Y, sunday mornings will continue to require the loving help of lots of people – in fact, ALL the people. it’s unfair to your brothers and sisters in Christ for you to enjoy the sunday morning experience without being a part of making it happen. so this year, plug-in and use your hands in just ONE area for a total of 24 hours (that’s 2 hours, once a month. see my previous post, 24-hour followers).

FEETgoal: Threshold is a serving church because Jesus was – and is – a serving savior. remember that he said, “(I) came not to be served but to serve…” (mark 10.45). we are serving the real needs of people, both physical and spiritual, in six specific and strategic locations, three local, three national/international. the local options are opportunities to serve as often as weekly if you want, though once a month is more common. these opportunities involve providing food resources for 1. homeless people uptown; 2. single parents in matthews; 3. impoverished families in union county near monroe. to get connected to the right leader for one of these, email and indicate your desires.

additionally, we will offer a few week-long serving opportunities in the next year, to appalachia and costa rica. the appalachia project next july involves construction and home repairs for families in need living in the 20th poorest county in america, in southeastern kentucky. the costa rican project involves bible school for children in december, construction in march, or youth discipleship in june. YOUR CHALLENGE GOAL for the year is to serve ONCE in one of these areas. go beyond yourself. sacrifice for others. you’ll be blessed, others will be served, and God will be glorified!

TONGUEgoal: simple – prayerfully identify one person, any person, who does not know the salvation of Jesus Christ. with love and care, begin speaking to them about your faith in Christ and lead them closer to him. for some, you may actually be able to lead them into a saving relationship with Christ on your own. others of you may want your church to help. of course that is our greatest joy. but either way, you have to talk to them about what matters and you have to issue an invitation, either into union with Christ or to church with you on sunday. remember: the goal here is a saved person! their eternal destiny is involved!

that’s it! that’s our vision and goal for the next year – to see every person TRANSFORMED more into the likeness of the Son of God, which is God’s goal for us. don’t forget, of course, that WORSHIP and CELLS are also an integral part of all this. so be regular on sunday mornings – if you are in town, you should be there! and be involved in a cell. it’s doubtful that you will achieve growth goals without the help of others around you.

CELLMATES – please consider these things at one of your next meetings. help each other, challenge each other. record your 5 goals and ask that you be held accountable by one another.

i can’t wait to see how God will transform you in the months ahead!

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