Talk Notes – September 6

pete working

Pete loved Jesus, because Jesus loved Pete. he had died for him and forgiven his denials. and Pete never forgot it. moreover, Pete wanted everyone he knew to love Jesus too. for the rest of his life, until his execution, Pete preached the gospel of the love of Jesus Christ.

In Acts 2, 3 and 4, we have 3 sermons of Pete, each of which contains 5 distinct elements. these were covered in the talk. (click each point to see the supporting scripture).


1. Jesus – predicted by the prophets

Acts 2.15-16

Acts 3.18

Acts 4.10-11

2. Jesus – you killed him

Acts 2.23

Acts 3.13-15

Acts 4.10

3. Jesus – God raised him

Acts 2.32-33

Acs 3.15

Acts 4.10

4. Jesus – Lord and Messiah

Acts 2.36

Acts 3.20

Acts 4.11

5. You – repent and turn to God

Acts 2.37-39

Acts 3.26

Acts 4.12

we ended the talk by reading Romans 3.10-12 and 3.19-25, where Pete’s friend Paul lays out the one and only way to be accepted by God and have eternal life.

we ended worship with the invitation to visit one of 6 beautifully appointed prayer stations on the worship space – a time for 1-on-1 with God, for acceptance of Christ or a renewal of our walk with him.


1. look at the passages from Romans cited above. for me, this may be the very center of all the scriptures. use them for your personal or cell focus this week. read the words. meditate on them. study them. ingest them. wrestle with them. pray though them.

2. ABC: as you consider the gospel, have you…

Acknowledged your sin and your need for a savior?

Believed n Christ as your savior and only way to salvation?

Confessed him as savior and lord?

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