Talk Notes – August 30, 2009

pete workingsomeone is waiting for you. someone somewhere – at work, school, club, playgroup, locker, sidelines, stands – somewhere. none of us comes to saving faith in Christ without help from someone else. it’s the way God designed it. it’s what Jesus was talking about in his final statement to his followers. God’s word alone, conveyed by someone who cares – that’s how people are saved.

no doubt, Pete saw this over and over again in the 30 years or so between Jesus’ resurrection and Pete’s death. and fortunately for us, Luke captured one of these awesome moments in Acts 10-11, which was our focal text for sunday’s talk.


i made 7 points from the text:

1. Pete made prayer a priority (10.9-10)

2. Pete had a keen spiritual awareness (10.16, 19, 23)

3. Pete practiced immediate obedience (10.21, 23-24, 47-48)

4. Pete was willing to change (10.14-16, 20-21, 23)

5. Pete was ready with the gospel (10.34-43)

6. Pete followed God, not tradition (11.2-4, 17)

7. Pete celebrated God’s gift to others (11.18)


1. how did you come to Christ? who is the chief person you credit with sharing the gospel with you?

2. do you know the gospel? i mean, KNOW it – well enough to recount it? have some fun with your cell this week. see who can clearly articulate the simple gospel message. we should all be able to do this, you know.

3. to whom is God calling you to go right now? what person or people group? are you praying about it? ask others to pray with you. there’s an old saying – a little cheesy, but accurate: “talk to God about others before you talk to others about God.”

4. what is standing in the way of you going beyond your comfort zone to speak the gospel? can you remember that God has said, “don’t call unclean what i have called clean”? can you pray that your love for that person or people group, and the desire to see them saved, will rise above your fear of disdain?

5. why aren’t you going to costa rica in december? do you have an excuse that God would accept?

6. when was the last time you had the chance to celebrate the salvation of another? been too long? there’s absolutely nothing like it. would a little immediate obedience from you lead to a celebration soon?

Meanwhile, as Peter was puzzling over the vision, the Holy Spirit said to him, “Three men have come looking for you. Get up, go downstairs, and go with them without hesitation. Don’t worry, for I have sent them. (Acts 10.19-20)

from the series: “Pete” – week 5 of 7

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