SERVE::appalachia – day three

shoe photo

an important element of every mission trip is play. serving others in a foreign place surrounded for a week by a lot of others, out of our routines, is tiring. so a day of relaxation and recreation is almost essential.

for us, today was that day.

our original plan involved our choice of 2 parks: national or water. but when we arose, the heavens were in the process of emptying themselves of water, so we had to change plans. we hopped into a half dozen cars and headed north.

for lunch, we dined at the original kentucky fried chicken restaurant, established by colonel harland sanders. it was pretty cool, including the original dining room and kitchen(set up in a museum-like way). but the food service was just another KFC, with all the same stuff. but worth the stop.

we bowled this afternoon. i never realized there were so many ways to toss a heavy round orb! we are quite a creative bunch. we almost couldn’t find the bowling alley, though… there was no sign and nothing on the side of the building. fortunately we had good directions. when one of us called this morning to inquire, we were told there was no sign, since it had been damaged by a storm. when we arrived and asked when that storm was, we were told it was six years ago!  : )

apparently they used the sign insurance money to buy new shoes – see the pic above.

i’m seated right now on the deck of the mission dorm, overlooking a beautiful valley. shane is preparing tonight’s devotional time, which begins shortly.


tomorrow it’s back to our projects. at least one of them should be finished tomorrow, maybe two. if so, we’ll take on some additional work.

each and every one of us thanks you for your prayers. we continue to grow close, stay safe, and impact lives for the sake of the kingdom of God. we are excited about sharing our experiences with you when we return, and hope to recruit you to come along next year. in addition, we have some ideas about serving people at home in much the same way as we have here. we hope you will get excited too.

until tomorrow…

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