SERVE::appalachia – day one

DSC00444frakes, kentucky.

it rained yesterday. a lot. we headed out this morning to our various worksites in the midst of a thick fog that had settled into the valley where we are located. by the time if this writing, though, that is a distant memory, and it is hot. the sun still dominates the partly cloudy blue skies in southeastern kentucky, just a few miles from the tennessee line. there is an interesting rivalry between kentuckians and tenneseans, that is heightened by the close proximity of the two. in fact, we are staying in kentucky, but a few of our teams, including mine, are working in tennessee. one of the jokes we heard last night from the camp director:

Q: what do you get when you put 32 tennessee girls in one room? A: a full set of teeth.

my team’s project for the week is to build a 12 x 12 storage shed in the back yard of a woman named peggy, who lives with her daughter and granddaughter. she is a very nice woman who seems to be quite thankful for our work. and one thing’s for sure – threshold knows storage sheds!

i’ve uploaded some pictures if you want to take a look. SERVE day one

we have a nice mix of adults and kids. offering multi-generational SERVE opportunities seems to be a hallmark of the THD SERVE experiences, and one that is quite enjoyable.

here are some thoughts that i’ve collected so far from some of the team…

“i feel like i can give back finally. i can help other people feel like i have a calling here.”

“I am beginning to realize that ‘helping people’ is not why i came to henderson settlement… it’s about me being obedient to God’s call. and through my obedience, people are being helped.”

“i love it!”

please keep up the prayer-warfare on our behalf. there was a little morning discomfort for one of our team, and another was slightly injured on a site with a cut finger and had to go to the hospital (it was an adult, not a kid). as luke reminded us all a couple weeks ago, spiritual warfare is real, and your prayers are essential! thanks for partnering with us in that way.

more tomorrow evening!


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