to my readers,

thanks for your faithful and supportive readership of my blog.

i will be in and out of town much of july, with family vacation and the appalachian mission trip, so i have decided to take a brief sabbatical from posting this month – though i may play around with short blasts via wordpress on my iphone if the mood strikes me. but check back in august for regular weekly posts.

i am also considering changing the format of my blog beginning in august. please let me know your thoughts on this…

following each week’s sunday talk, would you be interested in having me do a recap of that talk earlier in the week (monday or tuesday, say), along with some info for further reading and some discussion questions? this stuff could be used for personal devotions and/or conversations in your cell.

if that sounds like something that you would enjoy, let me know.

have a happy 4th and a great july!


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3 Responses to july

  1. danielle says:

    sounds good…..forces you to recap throughout the week, n still think on the sermon that was given, n uphold the virtues of the sermon throughout the week.

  2. Steve R. says:

    i think that a recap of the previous sunday’s talk and further info would be an excellent idea…i like the notion of being inspired multiple times…..

  3. David Maisel says:

    That wouuld be a good way to be able to keep the message on our minds longer. Could also be used to introduce the following Sundays message so we could study ahead.

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