feeling like a dog?

so, 3 months in to the year, who’s still at it? anybody out there still reading through or listening through the bible? if so, you’re a quarter of the way home! that’s awesome!

others of you feel like dogs for not reading as much as you want to or should – and usually because you just don’t know how.

getting through the bible and having a fuller understanding of its overall story and message is life-changing. but so often, we either feel like we don’t have the time or the know-how.
i want to use this week’s post to teach you how to spend time with a small amount of text – just one chapter, or maybe even just one story – letting it sink in. drawing life from it. letting it permeate and transform you.
it’s done by choosing just one chunk of the bible, and asking just three questions…
IMPORTANT: before you begin reading, pray and ask God to reveal to you answers to the questions you are going to ask.
as you read a chapter or a story, read it all the way through once. then go back and re-read it slowly, looking for answers to this question, what does this tell me about God? if you are reading stories in the gospels, the question might be, what does this tell me about God in or through the words/actions of Jesus?
what do you learn about yourself? what has God done for you? how ought you to live? again, if reading stories where God or Jesus interact with people, can you put yourself in their situation? if you were there, how would you feel? what might change? how would your relationship with God be informed or transformed?
after reading and considering the first two questions, close your bible and ask yourself, what should i do with this? is God calling me to think or live differently? be still and let God speak to you apart from the words on the page. close your eyes and just listen quietly. then end your time by thanking God for what he has taught you.
this is a simple yet powerful way to interact with God’s word as Christ-followers have for centuries. you don’t need a class or a degree in bible or theology to interact with and hear from God in this way. and the blessings are fantastic.
hey, by the way – are you still out there blessing people? send me your stories!
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