you better sit down for this

reading through the old testament is always interesting. there are always new things, always things i feel like i have never read before. i came across one of them recently.

we all know – or should – that one of the 10 commandments says this:
remember to observe the sabbath day by keeping it holy.
i’ve read a variety of commentaries over the years, and had many conversations over the full meaning of this commandment.
does it mean no work on sunday?
does it mean no work on saturday (the original sabbath day?)
does it mean i also shouldn’t go somewhere that makes someone else break the sabbath rule?
or does it just mean that at least once a week, i need to rest, and to give God some undivided attention?
those questions aren’t fully answered for me even now, though i do have some convictions about them. but as i read further into exodus this time around, i noticed that the mandate to observe the sabbath kept coming up, again and again (exodus 16.23-29; 20.8-11; 31.13)
and then i came to this.
anyone who works on the sabbath must be put to death.
(see exodus 31.14-15; 25.2)
i’ll leave you to meditate over this on your own.
i’m taking today off.
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3 Responses to you better sit down for this

  1. Andrew says:

    What does this mean for all the pastors of the world?

  2. Jack says:

    ? When did G-D change?and When did he change the Sabbath.

  3. Dr. Jeff Gardner says:

    jack,very good question.God doesn’t change, of course.and i don’t know of any place in scripture where God changed the sabbath from saturday to sunday.and of course, Jesus was pretty clear that the sabbath was made for us, not we for the sabbath.what do you think?is the sabbath still saturday?are we still to honor it?does God forgive us when we don’t?what does honoring it look like?what was Jesus trying to say? that we don’t have to?thoughts?jeff

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