the bible this year… every day

hey all. it’s january 1st.
happy new year.

i’ve found a really nice podcast that i plan to access every day in ’09.
i hope maybe you will join me.
it’s called the daily audio bible.

if you listen each day, you will make it through the entire bible this year.
the reader’s name is brian. he seems really, really cool. i think if he lived in charlotte instead of nashville, he might be a part of THRESHOLD.

here’s the link:
you can listen at your computer (scroll to the bottom of the page).
or you can download the podcast via itunes.
there is also a version for kids.

if you’ve never gone through the bible in a year, give it a try.

if you don’t care for brian’s style, there are other avenues for doing the same thing.
google around and see what you can find.

if you’re up for this and care to join me, let me know, ok?

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