one of my favorite comedians of all time is steven wright. i love his plain-faced persona as he asks some really good questions. questions that make you go, “hmmmm…..”
After eating, do amphibians have to wait one hour before getting out of the water?
Why do hot dogs come ten to a package and hot dog buns only eight?
If cats and dog didn’t have fur would we still pet them?
questions deserve answers, especially important questions. but way too often, questions never get asked. some people are afraid to ask questions because they’re afraid they’ll look dumb. others feel like they aren’t even sure what questions to ask. others prefer just to remain uninformed.
when i first dreamed of threshold (sunday is the 6th anniversary of our first worship), i dreamed of a safe place to ask hard questions. i vowed that i would not shy away from questions that are hard to answer or hard to hear the answers to. when it comes to the full life that God intends for us in Jesus Christ, answers are vital. and answers come from asking.
for any of you who have questions- basic questions of the christian faith or harder ones beginning with the word ‘why,’ ASK is for you. ASK is a new 7-session gathering for any of us who wants to ask some questions about God, Jesus, the bible, the church, pain & suffering, how to live, you name it. we’ll gather on thursday evenings at 7 for an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours (place TBD). it’ll be a time of being real with God and each other. it’ll be a time to get to know others who also ask questions. and it’ll be fun.
the first session (please don’t use the word ‘class’) of ASK  will be october 9, running til november 20.
if you are interested, how about hitting me with an email now so i can begin to get an idea of how many we need to find room for. and hey, if you’re willing to host in your home, that would be awesome. lemme know.
oh, and hey, i think this goes without saying too, but just in case… what a great thing to invite a friend to. let them know it will be real and raw. we’ll wrestle together. we won’t be beating people with bibles. and if they are afraid to ask openly, tell them you’ll ask their questions for them. or send it to me in advance.
looking forward to it.
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