going shopping

after worship on september 21, i’m getting together with my cellmates (couples in my small group) and heading over to a local neighborhood. together we’re gonna distribute grocery bags – one on every porch or door handle in the neighborhood. stapled to those grocery bags will be a note and an invitation to the homeowners:

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one. ”  – Mother Teresa
Within a few miles of our front doors there are people who don’t have enough food to eat.
And that’s not okay. Please, join Threshold in caring for people who are struggling with the basics of life, and fill this bag with non-perishable food. We’ll come back by on September 28, between 12-3, and pick up the filled bags. And thank you!
Threshold is a group of everyday people who love and serve God and our neighbors. We are here to help build strong marriages, healthy families, and kids with values. We believe that together, we can make a difference in this world.
Threshold meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00, at the Siskey YMCA.
We invite you to come.
we’re not gonna knock or ring doorbells. we’re not gonna witness to anybody (unless they ask). we’re just gonna serve in a visible, tangible way.
if you are a follower of Jesus, if Threshold is your spiritual home, and if you are gonna be in town on september 21, i’m expecting you to join in. we’re going shopping. shopping for food for those who can’t afford food on their own. and shopping for souls. commissioned by Christ in the gospels, we are going shopping to save people from the ravages of sin in their everyday lives, and from the ultimate eternal outcome for those who don’t call Jesus their lord and savior. it’s why we exist as a church. it’s why we ARE a church. so if you are part of this church, i will be expecting to see you.
neighborhood captains are being recruited this week, and sign-up posters will be in the entry hall this sunday and the following sunday. please get your cellmates or friends together and sign up to go shopping in the neighborhood of your choice. if you live in one of the targeted neighborhoods, why not sign up for that one?
after we shop, our cell is gonna grab lunch together somewhere nearby. maybe we can all crash the same place and bring them the joy of our celebration.
then, on september 28, we’re going back to those exact same neighborhoods – this time to pick up those bags full of food. same rules apply. after worship we head out. after the collection, we grab lunch and party! and again, if you’re in town, then i’m looking for you.
have panthers tickets?  sell ’em.
love to watch the panthers on TV at 1:00?  so do i. set the DVR. this is more important.
A LOT more important.
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1 Response to going shopping

  1. Keith Adams says:

    I love the note that will be on the bag!

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