just waiting

i believe in God but i wanna learn more. when i’m out places sometimes, i hear people talking about that stuff and i have no idea what they’re talking about. it’s kind of embarrassing.

these were the words of a friend of mine to me over dinner last night. he wasn’t raised in a church and at least right now, doesn’t have a real connection to God or a church. but – and here’s the thing – he isn’t an atheist. he isn’t hostile to the church. he’s just waiting for someone to clue him in a little more.
hey, i think i know what that feels like. a couple weeks ago i had a cigar with a couple guys and eventually the conversation turned to stocks and investments and trading and stuff. well dang – i was clueless. glad it was a really good cigar. i don’t do well in a conversation when i’ve got nothing to say. i really wanted to be more up on what they were talking about but i have just never learned that stuff. and i didn’t want to slow down the conversation by asking. or show my ignorance. so a chance to learn something, and maybe even to better my financial understanding, was lost.
i’ve known about God and Jesus and the bible for so long, i really have no idea what it’s like, though, to not know those things. but my friend last night does. and because i follow Jesus, i have to understand that it is my responsibility to help him learn. not because i’m a pastor. because i’m a friend. because God has called me – and you – to be his witnesses. because this is a matter of life and death.
But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?  – romans 10.14
so… one of today’s missions is to gather some resources for him. he says he doesn’t read much, so that’s a challenge, since i love to read and (you know me) i’m always at the ready with a booklist. the thing i really need to do though is to carve out some time for him. time for him to ask any questions he can think of, and then for me to raise the ones he doesn’t even know to think of. i need to let him know that this stuff matters, and that i am willing to make a time commitment to him until he is able and excited to say: Jesus Christ is my lord and savior.
you know someone like this, too. they don’t know the things you know, so they may stay quiet or turn the conversation in another direction. not because they’re atheist. not because they’re hostile toward church. maybe they just have no clue how to discuss these things. and maybe, just maybe, God has you standing right there right then so that you can have the amazing joy of teaching them.
and while i know you’re busy, these are the things that matter, the things that need to take priority.
and remember, my offer still stands: send me the name of a person you know like this, and i will pray for you both every day until you have some exciting news to share about it.
who do you know who is just waiting…?
dare you to move.
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1 Response to just waiting

  1. Deb says:

    Jeff as a matter of fact I know exactly what you’re talking about…It’s about being willing and available to be used by God to reach into this guy’s life and share what you have in your heart…It’s about listening and waiting for the cues of God nudging you to answer or to just speaking the right questions into his life…Waiting on Him and waiting on him… and taking the journey to destinations that God leads you both….Cool! Enjoy the trip!

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