600? are you serious?

you caught that, did you? the challenge to grow our sunday morning attendance to 600? yep, i actually said that. in public. on a sunday morning. and why not? what we have for people is far more important than great coffee (not many other things are, i know, but this is Jesus we’re talking about!)

ps – if you’re already lost, you might want to review my talk from last sunday…
in fact, maybe we ought to up the ante a little. what about 600 by easter? why in the world shouldn’t Threshold double in size? after all, we worship in the YMCA with the largest membership in the united states! and they’re building neighborhoods around us like mad. people are moving into our backyard by the hundreds. God has uniquely positioned us – both geographically and stylistically – to be able to reach a ton of people with the best message ever proclaimed. if we’re not proclaiming it, then we’re being disobedient:
go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. teach these new disciples to obey all the commands i have given you. (Jesus’ last words – see matthew 28.19-20)
who do you know who isn’t experiencing the joy of a relationship with Jesus in the context of a loving and accepting church? there’s gotta be at least one. who is it? can you get someone in mind? will you commit yourself to pray for that person? and for yourself, to be ready to invite them, or to answer them when they ask what’s different about you?
people are dying out there. they are facing an eternity of separation from God if they don’t hear and receive the message of God’s love in Jesus Christ. and even now they are dying. but in the community we love, the community of Threshold, they can find acceptance, caring, meaning, purpose, and strength. you have, right? so let’s not hog it. let’s share it. let’s welcome in all who need what we have to offer. let’s grow this thing!
by easter.
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