not to be served, but to SERVE…

last sunday in worship we examined mark 10:32-45. in this text, Jesus reminds his followers not to be a top dog, but an underdog. not one who strives to rule others, but one who serves others. thanks to all who signed up to join the serving ranks within the family of threshold. for those of you who didn’t, i hope you will prayerfully consider it. i can’t stress this enough: people are dying out there. marriages are dying. relationships are dying. faith is dying. we’ve been called to do something about it in this community, and it’s gonna take every one of us. so join the movement!

beyond our community, children are dying around the world for preventable reasons. you and i can make a difference there as well. consider sponsoring a child through compassion international – only $32 a month. you’ll change a life – maybe even save it – and you’ll never miss the money.
Compassion International Video
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  1. megan says:

    Jeff…great video. has links to some more great videos from Compassions trip to Uganda in February. If these don’t motivate people to serve, I don’t know what will!

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