a mid-week jolt

maybe you need this, maybe you don’t. could be that i’m the only one who does. but it just seems that seeing most of you guys only once a week isn’t enough. facebook* has been awesome for communication to a point, but my need goes deeper than just making contact, sharing notes on the wall, or an occasional scrabulous word. i need to talk. not verbally of course – duh – though this blog thing does let me post an audio file (so be looking for that in the future). no, i need to ramble. i have this deep desire to help shepherd you more than just 30 minutes or so on sundays. so that’s what this blog is for: to share ideas, readings, prayers, reflections, pictures, travels – things and events from my world that might be of help in yours. when i come across a book, a scripture passage, a movie, a person, a song that might speak into your faithlife, i’ll write about it here. feel free to take it or leave it. feel free to post a reply. feel free to send me suggestions in return. this is for all of us, to help us be more intentional about imitating Jesus to the best of our ability, for the glory of God.

oh hey, and listen, if any of this makes it beyond my own little world into yours, please let me know. if nobody bothers to read it, i’ll go hiking instead…
: )
*facebook: see www.facebook.com
it’s a great way to stay connected with others.
threshold has a group.
my cell has a group.
i’m in groups with friends from the past, etc.
check it out.
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6 Responses to a mid-week jolt

  1. Joe and Becky Cato says:

    Jeff – I love this idea! I’ll look forward to reading your ramblings. Although you are still allowed to go hiking from time to time!Becky

  2. - Noah Kiser says:

    you want to make my life easier by highlighting some good/thought provoking books… i’m all in! plus fresh thoughts during what can be long weeks also seems like a no-brainer i’ll be checking back. -> my first request: something/anything related to a bob dylan tune…

  3. The Lunds says:

    This is a great idea Jeff, keeps everyone in touch throughout the week. It closes that gap during the work week. Can’t wait to see what ideas, thoughts, ramblings and findings that you share with us. Matt, Jennifer & Addyson

  4. Matt says:

    Nice start and a great idea. Matt

  5. Julie says:

    Jeff, thanks for doing this mid week refresher. I find I’m all pumped up on Sunday and this feeling definitely wanes by Wednesday.Julie

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks for doing this, it gives me something to think about mid-week. lex

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